April 7, 2013



Vanity Room promises big plans this year and this is just the start.  The blog is now on its own independent domain at - Vanity Room Blog.  All links will eventually be directed onto the new site.

Be sure to follow the new site as new content will no longer be posted on blogger.

Hugs & Hearts,
Dianna Y.

April 1, 2013



Just a few things I can't live without as of late.  I've been taking shortcuts in my beauty routine, just because I'm too lazy to put on eyeliner or brush my hair (shocking, I know).  But these babies have been saving both time and effort.  Instant gritty waves and lip color that literally stays on for hours (not joking).  I'm starting to feel that a little mascara and some color on the lips goes a really long way.

March 29, 2013


IMG_0507 IMG_0534 IMG_0519 intagram IMG_0522 IMG_0502 instagram2
H&M Top and Pants / Zara Heels

Attending a very fashionable party just got checked off my list as of last night.  LOOKBOOK was having The Series Premier Party and I have to say, LA events never appear to what they seem to be.  It was a rather interesting mixer, but half the time I was wishing I had the guts to approach these beautiful people.  Also, probably the only time where I felt a tiny bit underdressed, but I guess my pants saved me a little.

Aria and I ditched to have our own little rendezvous.  Urth Caffe saves the night with a cup of Spanish Latte and the ever-so-heavenly Pompeii Cream Puff.