January 19, 2011

Behind The Scenes

This week has been awfully busy with several photo shoots, competition preparation and an upcoming bridal event.  But all in all, every second behind the scenes and learning how things come together has been an absolute blast.  On Monday, I was fortunate enough to take part in a local Chinese magazine, I-Feel, for a special feature on Astro's Star Quest Finalists and Winners.  The shoot aimed for a simple yet edgy and cute feel, a very popular mainstream Asian look.  

On set :)
I had my very first shoot with Seventeen Magazine Malaysia, and it was such a fun and interesting experience :)  I was given one natural look to do and I ended up doing the model's nails as well! Learning on the job!  I love the looks for this Spring/Summer spread, and you'll be seeing a lot of these looks on the runways this coming season.  A lot of bright, bold, fun colors and eye-popping lip colors.  <3

Jaysee on set :)

Keep checking in until the issues are out :)

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