August 12, 2011

Get Better Skin Today!

Finding an efficient way to remove all that make up?  I have been recently using this product and it does wonders.  The Cleansing Express line are oil free, water-based products promised to remove all traces of make up, even waterproof!  What I like about the Cleansing Express Eye Makeup Remover is that, not only does it remove tricky waterproof mascaras, it's not oily and it's moisturizing and gentle on the skin.  I am currently using the Cleansing Lotion Sebum and it's great for oil control, for those with oily skin.

It's no secret that I am a huge fan and supporter of Dermalogica.  Their range of products have been a miracle savior for my skin and my confidence.  Here are a range of products that I use to keep my face clean and looking fresh and healthy. (Keep in mind that I don't use all of these products all at once or on a daily basis)

Tips and Tricks:
  • When choosing a good waterproof makeup remover, the longer the two fluids take to separate, the better
  • Leave the remover and cotton pad on your eye for a few seconds/minutes, instead of rubbing and tugging
  • When using heavy makeup, double cleanse using a Cleansing Oil to remove dirt residing in deep pores
  • Use a moisturizer containing SPF during the day, and something containing a heavier moisture during the night
  • Don't neglect the eyes! Use a good emollient eye cream for the night

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