October 31, 2011

After The Rain Comes A Rainbow

I have been wanting to wear my new black booties and I finally gotten the chance.  My entire outfit is from Melrose and I have a feeling that vintage pieces will start filling up my wardrobe.  I especially like my new denim, acid wash shorts, but it was definitely colder than it seems.  I love the fact that I can dress up for just a three hour lecture and not look ridiculous, but at the same time just thinking about it makes me laugh.  I guess it gives me a good excuse to keep up with my posts.  And Happy Halloween to those who are celebrating today, I hope most of you had a better Halloweekend than I did.  This year's was not one I would want to look back on, but that's a whole different story.  

Black Top: Timeless
Short: Melrose
Black Booties: Melrose 

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