November 21, 2011

Worth The Fight

It's Thanksgiving weekend and everyone is returning home to their families and lovely home-cooked meals.  This just makes me miss home and my mom's delicious turkey stuffing!  So I've conquered one major project, only four more to go.  I'm quite surprised at how much I've learnt in this short amount of time.  And I've learnt that you can't rely on anyone, especially on something that means so much more to you than it does to them.  I guess some people don't understand the meaning of consideration, but that's over with now.   At least I was willing to fight and work for what I wanted.
I stuck with black and white as the colors of my outfit today - just as gloomy as the clouds today.  It's also the theme I have in mind for my upcoming birthday.  I already have outfits and plans all set up in my mind.

Top: Forever21
Maxi Skirt: Pacsun
Shoes: H&M (Borrowed from my roommate) 

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