December 19, 2011

Elves Are Here

My Elf package is finally here!  It's been awhile since I've ordered these items, but I think it was worth the wait for the small price I paid.  Elf continues to amaze me with decent quality for such an affordable price point.  Of course, you shouldn't be expecting high end quality from these products, but they sure do the work from day to day.  My personal favorite purchase is the 4 piece brush set, because it is made out of entirely eco-friendly materials and is charity supported. It has been awhile since I've posted an entry on makeup, but rest assured my passion for makeup and beauty still remains with me to this day.  

4 Piece Brush Set
Cream Eyeliner in Plum Purple
Cream Eyeliner in Coffee
Dramatic Lash Kit
24K 6 Piece Shimmer Eyeliner Collection

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