March 18, 2012

AriaLuv & VR

So Aria has been bugging me to do a bloggers collaboration, since she feels that this will be her 'last' blog post (at least, only for a while).  But of course, she's not going to stop blogging.  I guess times are changing and we won't be living under the same roof anymore.  I shall miss those Glee nights, Twilight jokes, and Kristen Stewart impersonations I attack her with.  The quarter has wrapped up and we will part our ways for at least two weeks.  I just love how distinct both our styles are, but we always find a common ground that we share an interest in.  I mean, just look at our matching bags! :)

Dress: Thrifted
Scarf: Vintage
Flats: H&M
Canvas Tote: Marc by Marc Jacobs