May 10, 2012


IMG_8169 IMG_8167 IMG_8163 IMG_8160 These are a few pieces that I am currently obsessing over the past two weeks. When it comes to jewelry, there's nothing better than great statement pieces. Don't get me wrong, I love the simple, delicate pieces as well. I had saved up and planned to splurge on accessories for a while now and I finally managed to get the ones I have been eyeing on. Most of the pieces were ordered from Diva, which of course, makes me miss home even more.  

 Items in order: 
Gold Mesh Cuff and Golden Spike Collar 
Teal Mish Mash Bracelets and Amethyst Mish Mash Bracelets 
Gold Enamel Glamour Necklace 
Vintage Double Stone Tassel Necklace and Brandy Melville rings

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