June 15, 2012

three more days

IMG_8775(2) IMG_8822(2) IMG_8802(2) IMG_8621(2) IMG_8734(2)
Double Zero Crop Top / Pacsun Maxi / H&M Shoes / Accessories from Diva Jewelry and Brandy Melville
Only three more days and I'll be flying back home.  Back home to motherly love, comfort food, the humidity, an old love, pampering, and to days lounging around the pool.  I have a feeling that this will be a pretty great summer, hopefully a productive one, too.  I can't wait to explode my tastebuds with great Malaysian flavors.  On the other hand, my friend, Naomi, came to visit the past week and I have been exploring LA all over again.  It was a nice wrap up to my last week here in LA as I got to visit some of my favorite places before I head home.  Naomi and I did quite a bit of shopping and there's more pieces that I'll be sure to share with more photos.

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