July 12, 2012

five things

Apologies for my absence lately. Trust me, I have plenty of outfits that I'm dying to share, but the lack of help from the photography department has been delaying my posts. Talk about #bloggerproblems, am I right? However, here are five little things that have been keeping me occupied and happy these past few weeks. I will be travelling later on this month and starting my first ever paid job, which will be quite exciting! 1
1. HEARTY MEALS: I have been cooking for my family a few times now, and I must admit that I have a new found hobby in the kitchen. I love making everyone happy and the best way is through their stomachs! 2
2. POPULAR READS: Summer is a great time for catching up on some good reads. I've been tackling a few popular books that's been on my list for a while now. And I have to say, 50 Shades of Grey is quite an interesting read ;) 3
3. FOUR EYES: So...I have this horrible habit for the past three years now, which is not having spare spectacles. I know, sue me. But thanks to the Hipster movement, I'm glad I can actually wear these outside of the house and not look too dorky. I'm in love with big frames and thanks to Hammer Eyewear, I can see clearly and look cute. 4
4. WHITE WHITE WHITE: I don't have any outfit posts, but I have been sporting white tops of all cuts, styles, and fabrics lately.  It's just too damn hot on my side of the world right now and I can't bear to wear any shade darker during the day time. 5
5. SWEET TREATS: Instead of the usual Starbucks and Coffee Bean, I have been switching to a daily dose of Earl Grey Tea.  With the kind of sweet tooth that I have, I have been snacking on cakes, cookies, and tons of chocolate. Don't judge me, I'm on holiday.


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