July 15, 2012

a new likelihood

Forever 21 Nautical Top / American Apparel Corduroy Skirt / H&M Flats / Marc by Marc Jacobs Canvas Tote

There's bound to be a likelihood of natural looks during the summer. That's why I have been tossing away layers of makeup and letting my skin breathe. Mascara and red lips are all I need, even for nights out. My hair has either been in a messy bun or left alone, far away from curlers and dryers. This look was of course, greatly inspired by the one and only Nicole Warne. I adore her feminine, yet effortless style. She's simple amazing in my book. On another note, these summer days of relaxation are sadly coming to a bore. I have definitely checked off all of the things I wanted to eat, people I wanted to see, and places that needed visiting. But thankfully I have the coming month fully occupied.


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