September 4, 2012

rainy days and turbans

Chris & Carol Maxi Dress

So I have succumbed to trying everything and anything possible to tame my unruly bangs. Finding myself desperate, I took out my leopard scarf and made myself a turban. Surprisingly, it was an easy fix.  The constant drizzling rain has put me in quite a lazy mood, so all I could do was slip into my go-to black maxi dress.  Trust me, you could never go wrong with a black maxi.

All summer I have been indulging in the best of the best of foods (probably too much for my own good). I found myself at Plan B, yet again, as they have a great breakfast menu. The dishes reminds me of LA and this place has become my favorite place for brunch. Of course, I can never get over how cute the swirls look on my latte. 

Only two more weeks until sunny LA!

1 comment:

  1. Di you are so good at keeping up with your blogposts! I love this outfit, esp the black maxi - I have one myself and so true, you really can't go wrong with it! I've started a new blog (yet again) - come take a look!!

    xxx mish