November 27, 2010

A Rose Apricot Holiday

The month of December is just rolling around the corner and Christmas decorations are already up :)  Inspired by the colors of the holiday season such as bright reds, greens, golds and silvers, my nails bring out a fun, merry holiday look.  I have been in love with Estee Lauder's Rose Apricot 15 nail color and have been wearing it for two weeks.  The consistency and application goes on really smoothly and I realized it lasts almost a week with limited chipping.  For this look I applied Black Queen's Gold glitter in color 343 over the base color for a more festive look.  :)

 Create this look:

Mircoz Cuticle Oil
Mircoz Cuticle Softener
Estee Lauder 'Rose Apricot' Nail Polish 15
Black Queen Gold Glitter Nail Polish

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