March 22, 2011

Time for a Clean Start

I've been searching for a miracle for my skin and I've finally found it! Being in the makeup academy for quite some time now, with all that makeup and dirt can take a toll on the skin.  I've been experiencing breakouts and extremely oily skin in these recent months, but fear no more, as I've hopefully found the right remedy for my face. 

I have always been a true fan of the brand Dermalogica and have been using their products for a good two years.  However, I think my skin cells have changed over time and needs something more effective.  Dermalogica has recently released a new skincare line called Clean Start, which is for acne skin.  The line is targeted towards teens with acne skin problems.  The products are very gentle on the skin and reduces a lot of shine.  I guess we shall wait and see for further results!  Plus, the packaging is extremely cute with bold colors and fonts. :)

Skin Care Kit Includes:
Wash Off: A foaming wash for face, back and chest
All Over Clear: Spritz on to stamp out breakouts
Welcome Matte SPF15: Moisturizer with oil controllers to minimize shine
Hit The Spot: Dab on. Clear Up!
Ready, Set, Scrub: A breakout-fighting, pore-refining duo.
Bedtime For Breakouts: Clear skin while you sleep.

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