March 28, 2011

LAT Kampung Boy The Musical

Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid, also known as Lat, is a famous Malaysian cartoonist.  The cartoonist published over twenty volumes of cartoons since he was thirteen years old.  Lat's illustrations and comics mostly comments on Malaysia's social and political scenes, but in a comedic light.  However, his best work is known as The Kampung Boy (1979), which has already been published in several countries around the world.   

You might think that this is just another musical about a legend or an icon.  But the musical is simply about a man who lived the dream, and it all came together so wonderfully with such great style, class and pure entertainment.  Awie, Atilia, Datuk Rahim Razali, Douglas Lim and Sandra Sodhy were the main stars of the show.  However, I have to give a big credit to the rest of the ensemble, including the Kampung children.  They were adorable, and the boy who played young Lat had such an amazing voice.  Each and everyone one in the ensemble made the performance that much stronger. 
Young Lat
Awie as Lat


I had the opportunity to work backstage for Lat Kampung Boy Musical for four days.  It was mostly a fun task and not hard at all, but it was just the long excruciating hours that worn everyone out.  The makeup was fairly standardized between most of the characters and the ensemble with smokey brown eyes as the main element.  The children and the men of the cast didn't require much apart for certain characters.  I didn't get a chance to photograph every single piece of work, as it can get quite hectic backstage.  I felt that as the days go by, I get better each time and my last day at work was definitely my best.  Although exhausting at times, it was an amazing experience and it was such a pleasure to meet all of the cast members of the musical.  

Before & After
Kampung girls. So adorable <3
Kampung boys. Right - Young Lat
The only male character that I actually remembered to photograph :(
Me at work :)


Love what you do and do what you love to do - Mrs. Hew

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