June 23, 2011

Special Feature: David Choi Live in Singapore

This isn't a usual post of mine, but since I haven't been updating in a while, I thought I might share what's been happening this summer.  But the usual beauty and fashion posts will be back soon, ideas are in the works. 

Some of you might have heard of Youtube sensation, David Choi.  He's doing his Asia and Australia Tour at the moment and stopping by Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and even Singapore!  So I got the chance to see his concert at the Esplanade Recital Stuido, which was pretty good :)  I didn't expect anything exciting considering David Choi is such a melancholic person.  However, his vocals were still pretty good live with his sore throat, but the audience absolutely adored him.  I couldn't make out what the name of the opening act was, but she was such an amazing singer.  He also sang a couple of his new songs on his upcoming album.  Make sure you go get it! :)

My sister and I down by the waterfront

David Choi performing 

Rocketeer Cover - Far East Movement
My Time With You
Won't Even Start

For more David Choi:
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