July 23, 2012

tied in knots

IMG_9828(2) IMG_9867(2) IMG_9819(2) IMG_9838(2)
Chris & Carol Maxi Dress / Brandy Melville Rings
Colors and prints are slowly making its way back to my wardrobe. I should actually be taking advantage of the season and considering I will be wearing all black for a month straight, you would think I'll be in neons and florals. But no... I initially opted for just the black maxi, but I thought a touch of leopard wouldn't hurt. Surprisingly, mommy dearest did a better job behind the camera than I expected. I guess I've found my go-to photographer for the rest of the summer. And only a few days left until I will be off to Vietnam for the first time. Should be exciting and I'm definitely bringing my prints along with me.

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