July 25, 2012

a different angle

Random Boutique Shorts / Charlotte Russe Platforms / Brandy Melville Rings / Diva Jewelry Earrings (old)

After long anticipation, I finally got myself to do it. It's funny how chopping off inches of hair can feel so...liberating. It was only last summer when I settled for a shoulder crop and now, it's as if it grew without me noticing. I was definitely inspired getting A-line bangs by Jenny Ong when she had it. Of course, with a drastic change like this, I can only go to my trusty stylist. His hands are like a magician's, except on hair. Unfortunately, I'm bound to encounter the awkward hair length when it grows out. Although, I'm glad that I don't have to do much to get dimension anymore. Even a low ponytail works wonders.

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