July 29, 2012

Travel diaries: Goodnight Sài Gòn

H&M Top / Wide Leg Pants / Vincci Shoes / Charles & Keith Bag

It's finally my last day in Vietnam and I'm glad I had a chance to have a break away from my break ha. Things have been almost perfect, excluding the stomach bug I caught, which wasn't all too pleasant.  But being the ultimate tourist the past few days has been incredibly fun.  It gives an excuse to look totally clueless and extremely amused at the same time. 

My nights in Saigon consisted of incredible meals.  And of course, incredible meals comes with exquisite fine dinning experiences, so it gave me an excuse to dress up a bit.  Yes, I wore another pair of wide leg pants, but I actually got these here at Bến Thành market.  These photos probably don't do these pants justice.  Plus, whoever said, "black and blue, shame on you" was clearly wrong or I just don't agree with it, because I thought this pairing looked effortlessly sleek.  Anyways, I"m on my way home tomorrow!

"Chúc ngủ ngon Sài Gòn" - Goodnight Saigon

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