December 10, 2012

toughen up

IMG_0629 IMG_0619
Forever 21 Top / GoJane Sunglasses / GoJane Boots / Urban Outfitters BDG Crossbody Bag

It's been a tough week with major due dates and birthday shenanigans, but all that is over now.  Only one more week until I fly back home.  I can't wait for the amazing Christmas dinner, pressies, and seeing the pretty faces of everyone I love back home.

With such craziness going on as of late, my wardrobe choices was definitely leaning on the casual side.    I have to admit, it's been pretty chilly.  So I ended up wearing three layers while getting a chance to play around with flow-y shapes and mesh textures.  A full on coat seems ridiculous these days in LA, so layering is key.  I like how I chose colors that were army-esque...quite appropriate for my time in life right now, definitely needing some inner strength.  

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