December 9, 2012


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Lipsy Dress / Brandy Melville Necklace

The beginning of my 'adulthood' has just begun.  A tremendous amount of reflection on love and life always seem to happen around this time of year.  Only 365 days ago, my mind and heart was on an entirely different planet.  And it was just my luck that my birthday 'week' has to fall on the most busiest, mot stressful week of the quarter, but I managed to squeeze in the obligatory dinner dates and candle blow outs.  

For big events like these, my inner feminine diva tends to take over every single outfit decision.  What better way to enter a new chapter in life with a baby pink dress with silver sequins and a peplum silhouette?  Definitely made me feel like a princess for the night.  Unlike most ideas about a great 21st celebration, I wanted to keep things classy and cute.  When in doubt, elegance is timeless, as I always say.   

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