April 4, 2011

Seventeen Magazine Malaysia: April Issue

The April issue of Seventeen Magazine Malaysia is finally out! After reading the US version of Seventeen Magazine for years, I can't believe I took part in a small section of the magazine of the Malaysian edition.  It's just so great knowing that I've always turned to magazines for latest looks, but now I'm able to create and share them to other girls out there.  Alongside Jaycee Kok and Esther Hooi from the makeup academy, we did a beauty spread of the essential spring looks this year.  The must haves or trends this season is to have: fun, bright lips, and electric, flirty eyes, and crazy nails and big big hair! (but not all at once!)
For the behind the scenes look at the photo shoot head over to the previous blog post titled Behind The Scenes

 Although I'm very happy with the results of this photo shoot, the worst thing that can happen is having the editors spell my name wrong!  Spelling Diana with one 'N' is understandable and I've always brushed that off cause I know Dianna with two 'N's isn't that common.  But it really got me frustrated when both my first and last name is spelled so horribly wrong! 

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