August 16, 2012

five things

milo DINOSAURS: Milo dinosaurs have been keeping me comfort lately. If you don't know what this is, I'm afraid to tell you that your life will never be complete until you have one.  I can't seem to resist the temptations of teh ice, bubble teas, and other milky goodness. knits KNITS & MESH: I have been shopping for thicker fabrics lately, which is a sign that I'm clearly over summer.  Summer sales are treating me all too well.  I have been splurging on great finds for the coming season this past week.  Definitely can't wait for more consistent posts once I get back to LA.cake OREOS: My recent endeavor of making my first ice cream cake was a great success! It's unfortunate that I'm the only one crazy about cookies and cream in my family, which resulted in me eating almost the entire pint of ice cream. nails MARBLE NAILS: Another thing that I tried out are these crazy nails!  Although an awfully messy process and requires a lot of patience (which I clearly don't have), the sporadic colors turned out quite fun.  It's as if I have miniature paintings on each finger. uniqlo UNIQLO: It's no surprise that I'm obsessed with Uniqlo bottoms. From jeans, pants, and shorts, I couldn't be more happier with the fitting. Thank god for sizes made for asian physiques.

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