August 18, 2012

oh my god, shoes.

Vincci Heels and Clear Flats / Rubi Sandals

"Shoes, oh my god, shoes." If you haven't heard this ridiculous song, I'm sure it'll give you a good laugh.  A portion of my summer splurges have definitely been spent on shoes, shoes, shoes!  And I can't wait to put on my Zara heels that's patiently waiting for me in LA.  More for the collection!  

I have been looking for transparent looking shoes all summer and I can't believe I found these pair of flats!  I am currently in love with them.  All of my footwear is starting to gear towards blacks, whites, and tans, which is why I was pretty reluctant on getting these pink sandals.  But it was on sale and they didn't have my size in beige.  And I realized that it was pretty cute on, so I gave in...

"I think you have too many shoes."
(Yes, these are actual lyrics of the song)

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